Membership Benefits

The Norman S. Minor Bar Association has great richness in its history, membership, and service to the Greater Cleveland Community. This richness is only sustainable through the support and stewardship of our members. Our membership is reflective of the diversity NSMBA strives to promote. However, this diversity is not solely focused on skin color or ethnic make-up alone, but also includes diversity of competencies, professional experience, and employment sectors. Specifically, our members include paralegals, law students, solo practitioners, in-house counsel, government attorneys, prosecutors and defense counsel, private and public attorneys, and members of the judiciary.

To meet the needs of our varied membership, NSMBA strives to provide value to our members as an integral partner for professional resources, professional development, networking events, and opportunities to serve the greater Cleveland community.

NSMBA has something for everyone!

Whether you are looking to advance your education through our continuing legal education programming, participate in social justice and volunteer community outreach, find or promote job opportunities, or network amongst your peers, NSMBA can serve your needs.

We invite you to become a member of NSMBA. Join today to take advantage of the following benefits!

Membership Tiers

Members now have an option to register for a 1, 2 or 3-year membership!

Membership Levels Length of Membership
Class Annual 2 years 3 years
Law Students Free Free Free
Associates (JD w/o Bar) and Paralegals $50 $75 $110
Member of Bar less than 5 yrs & Government Employees $70 $110 $160
Member of Bar 5 years or more $100 $150 $225