The Greater Cleveland Law Expo

    The Norman S. Minor Bar Association presents The Greater Cleveland Law Expo in partnership with Case Western Reserve University School of Law and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

    The Greater Cleveland Law Expo is an excellent opportunity for students, community members, and pre-law advisors to learn more about law school and the legal profession. The Greater Cleveland Law Expo includes a law school fair with representatives from various law schools, and breakout sessions for pre-law advisors and students.

    The preliminary schedule for the day is as follows:

    2:00p --> Attendee (Ongoing) and Law School Representative (2:00p - 3:00p) Check In 

    2:15p - 2:45p --> Law School 101: Preparation and Application

    2:45p - 3:15p --> The Life of a Law Student 

    3:00p - 6:00p --> Law School Fair

    Attendees and Pre-Law Advisors Complimentary Registration is HERE.

    Law School Representative Regisration and Payment Portal is HERE.

    Vendor Registration will open shortly.